Saturday, June 29, 2013

Manti Pagent

Manti Temple

James sitting on a tiny chair in the tiny old pioneer school house.

They had to use charcoal and write on tree bark.

We toured a pioneer house.  Brad is holding a really old sacrament tray.

Pew!  I'm tired!

James is leaning on the indoor potty.  The kids learned that it was the kids job to clean it in the morning.

James running away from me, again.

Getting ready for the show!

All eyes looking!  And we are falling!


The whole gang with two cast members!

The whole gang with two cast members and a very good photo bomber.  We had no idea that guy by Brian got in the picture until I looked at them when we got home.

The crowd.

The boys with a young Nephite.

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Ut oh!  The Nephite and Lamanite are fighting!

The sun is setting!

During the show, Reagan jumps out of his seat and runs to me.  He stands right in front of me and says, "Mom!  I think I have the chicken pox!"

"Is that the real Jesus?"  asked Rylan.

Busy temple the next day.