Sunday, January 14, 2018

 Eden asked me if I liked her trophy. ha ha!
 Brad asked a girl to Prom tonight.  She likes tennis.
 The Balls say, "Emily P R O M ?" The note says, "Will you be my doubles partner at prom? I think we will ace it and won't cause a racquet.  It will be a perfect match. The ball is in your court."
 Rylan really wanted this at the store.  "It's a giant diamond for only $15!"
 Brian playing church ball.
 They both capped the water bottle they flipped on the back bumper.
 bored at the mall
 Holding a bearded dragon
 Fish eating his dead skin

 He asked me what the word "date" was.  I told him and he said, "But I don't even have a date."
 Aubryn's guitar recital.  She is second to left.
 I accidentally dumped way too much cinnamon in the french toast batter.
 Left here with Brian on Tuesday and was told he didn't need to come back for a year, unless there are problems.  That felt great!

Foggy sunrise

Eden's nursery leaders at church gave all the little kids these! AHH!

Monday morning Reagan was crying and holding his head.  He said it was really hurting!  I was worried.  He felt nauseous too. I wanted to take him to the ER.  I ran upstairs to get dressed and asked Brian to run down and give him a blessing.  When I went back down to him, he had stopped crying, said he felt a little better, and wanted to sleep.  I let him sleep.  I had already called the doctor office. He was set to go in the next day at 10 am.  By lunch he was feeling good enough to shower.  He had a fever later in the afternoon and said his throat hurt.  I was trying to figure out if it was from acid coming up or if he was just getting a virus. The next morning I ran down to check on him.  I went in and woke him up, "Reagan, how are you feeling?" I asked.
"I don't know yet." He answered.
"How is your head?"   I asked.
He sat straight up and bopped his head side to side and shook it around.  "It's fine." he answered.  He went to school!  I went from wanting to take him to the ER to sending him to school the next day.
We were hustling around getting kids shoes on, hair combed, and coats on to get to Aubryn's guitar recital.  James walks up to Brian and I and says, "Is FUG a swear word?"
"What did you just say?" We stopped in our tracks with wide eyes and asked.
He said it again. Then I asked him to spell it for me.  Told him that it was very close to a swear word and not to say it.
One night after I was at mutual I came home and went into Eden's room where she was laying in bed with one arm straight up bu her head.  She told me it was hurt and she couldn't move it down.  I asked her what she did to it.
"I was on the roof and.."
"You were on the ROOF!?" I interrupted.
"I was on the ceiling and I fell off and my arm went like this."
"Are you making this up?" I asked her.
"No.  This is life."
Rylan REALLY likes trophies.  He likes to buy them at the D.I..  He was telling us all the things he has them for.  "Baseball, soccer, singing, and employee of the month!"
Eden always tells me about "Kali". She is mean and hits her.  She talks about her all the time.  The other day she was talking about her and I asked Eden, "WHERE is Kali?" I was wondering if she was a kid from the gym or what.
She answered, "In KALI-for-nia."
James came in my room the other night when he was getting ready for bed.  He didn't have his shirt on and was asking me a question.  I told him to flex and show me his muscles, which he did with pride.  Then he pulled his pants down, underwear and all,  and said, "Look at my leg muscles!"  He flexed them for me!  I laughed and told him to pull up his britches!
I picked up the reports for the echo-cardiograms.  All the other kids checked out normal.  Thankful for that!